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Young Onset and Rare Dementia Support Specialist



Clinical Support and Project Work

We support clinics, working flexibly to suit the needs of the service:

  • Pre-appointment support, preparing the patient for the clinic appointment and collecting collateral history.
  • Peri support, i.e. extra support in clinic so that the patient feels confident throughout the assessment  process, especially when a diagnosis is given.
  • Post-diagnostic support, providing immediate emotional and practical advice and assistance for person centred care planning.

We undertake project work:

  • Creating new services and pathways to suit the needs of the environment and population cohort.
  • Optimising the best use of resources to create person centred services in order to achieve desired outcomes.


Support Planning and Navigation

We work intensively with patients to create tailor made support plans, in order to enable them and their families to achieve their full potential.

We give patients and families expert knowledge to help them:

  • Understand their conditions.
  • Use coping strategies so that they do not get lost in the diagnosis.
  • Navigate through the maze of Health and Social Care systems to find the correct services to enrich their lives.


Bespoke Training and Group Facilitation

We offer bespoke training packages, to share our extensive knowledge of a wide range of different dementias, to organisations such as:

  • Health and Social Care Teams
  • Home Care Agencies
  • Voluntary Organisations

We can help to set up and facilitate support groups for people with rarer types of dementia, including young onset, and their families.  We work with patients and families to identify their needs and establish person centred peer support.


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