About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that all people diagnosed with rare types of dementia, including young onset, have access to the much needed support which is often missed in the commissioning of memory services.

  • We want to partner with Cognitive Neurology teams to provide holistic support to the assessment and diagnostic process.
  • We want to provide expert training to all support services involved in supporting people with rarer types of dementia.
  • We want to ensure that people with a diagnosis feel supported and empowered.

Our Experience and Background

Nikki Zimmermann has a BSc and Cert PPH in Public Health.  

Nikki's father had young onset Alzheimer's disease, and that deep personal experience  led to her working for the Alzheimer's Society in a variety of roles for more than 7 years, before setting up Cognitive Neurology Support Services in 2019.

In 2014 Nikki set up the London Neurology Project, working with St George's Hospital, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Nikki has also been heavily involved in many projects, steering groups, and support groups, such as:

  • Local Dementia Action Alliances
  • NHS Vanguard
  • St George's Hospital Dementia Steering Group
  • South West London Young Onset Dementia Steering Group
  • St George's Young Onset Support Group


"You do an amazing job helping people once they get their diagnosis. I wish you had been in post when we got ours. I know that if I need any help or information you are the person to ask.

The support that you have given us both has been invaluable and the format of the young onset meetings is not only informative but enjoyable too."

Paul and Elaine

"I can't thank you enough for the support you gave my husband and myself during the time we have known you. Especially on the day when my diagnosis of PCA was confirmed. Even though it was late in the day, you stayed on to support and answer our many questions and to provide much helpful and useful information that night and after. Just knowing you are there to support and help makes a big difference, especially as my condition gets worse."


"You have been such a support to both of us - you were the first person we met after my husband’s diagnosis who had a positive attitude!  We really needed that positivity and all your knowledge when we were starting out in this stage of our lives. We are so grateful for your advice and quick responses." 


"Nikki changed the course of our lives and gave us something positive to live for. She is an amazing mentor and friend."

Mike and Tom